About Clikon

We at Clikon strive to enrich lives around the world by pushing the boundaries of quality and innovation while being driven to provide people with value for money solutions to their needs.

Clikon is built on strong foundations dating back over 45 years, and is a market leader in the Electronics and Household Appliances industry with a strong presence in the GCC and surrounding countries.

We pride ourselves on being the best solution for electronics in all areas of the home. We have a great understanding of our customers’ needs and are constantly driving innovation in the market to bring better products that help make our customers lives easier so that they can spend more time with the people they love and doing the things they love.


Our employees are the ambassadors of our brand. We live and breathe Clikon. Our products go through rigorous testing by our employees so that we can develop a better product before it arrives in your home. The passion for our brand comes from a need that we identified within our own homes and is pushed through our Product Development process so that our customers can satisfy the same need.

A strong brand is strong because of its people. At Clikon, our team is our biggest asset. Specialists in their fields, our employees are consistently 2 steps ahead, giving us a great ability to innovate, problem solve and most of all bring a better product at a better value for our customers.

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